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Bis(t-butylperoxy isopropy)benzene 25155-25-3
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Product: Views:32Bis(t-butylperoxy isopropy)benzene 25155-25-3 
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Catalyst and Auxiliary/Rubber Auxiliary Agent

Bis(t-butylperoxy isopropy)benzene
CAS NO : 25155-25-3
EC NO : 246-678-3
MF : C20H34O4
MW : 338.4816
Specification : BIPB-96 and BIPB-40
Packing : Inner package: N.W. 5kg/PE bag; Outer package: N.W. 20kg/carton, i.e. 4bags/carton.
Product description : Trade name FARIDA BIPB Common name BIPB Chemical name Bis(t-butylperoxy isopropy)benzene Formula C20H34O4 C6H4[C(CH3)2OOC(CH3)3]2 Molecular Weight 338 CAS NO 25155-25-3 or 2212-81-9 EC NO 246-678-3 Properties: Melting point 44-48℃    Relative density 0.974g/cm3    Solubility Hard to dissolve in water (reference data: <0.1 g/100="" ml="" at="" 21℃),partly="" soluble="" in="" organic="" solvents="" such="" as="" alcohol,="" ether,="" benzene,="" carbon="" tetrachloride,="" etc..="" activation="" energy="" 36.1kcal/mol="" 1min.="" half="" life="" temp.="" 182℃="" sadt.="" 80℃="" alarm="" temp.="" 75℃="" application:="" farida="" bipb="" is="" a="" widely="" used="" curing="" agent="" for="" plastics="" and="" rubbers,="" such="" as="" cpe,="" epdm,="" eva,="" silicone="" rubber,="" nbr="" and="" fluorubber.="" compared="" with="" dcp,="" bipb="" is="" more="" efficient="" at="" less="" dosage="" and="" much="" lower="" odor="" in="" the="" processing="" and="" final="" products.="" in="" the="" case="" of="" equal="" crosslinking="" effectiveness,="" the="" additional="" content="" of="" bipb="" is="" just="" 2/3="" of="" that="" of="" dcp.="" which="" means="" it="" is,="" especially,="" suitable="" for="" insulation="" crosslinking="" of="" cord="" and="" eva="" foam="" products.="" also="" can="" used="" as="" degradation="" agent="" for="" pp.="" package="" and="" storage:="" inner="" package:="" n.w.="" 5kg/pe="" bag;="" outer="" package:="" n.w.="" 20kg/carton,="" i.e.="" 4bags/carton.="" farida="" bipb="" should="" be="" stored="" at="" room="" temperature.="" keep="" away="" from="" direct="" sunlight,="" heating,="" violent="" shaking,="" strong="" acids="" and="" reductive="" agents="" during="" transportation="" or="" storage.="" specification="" model="" appearance="" content(%)="" carrier(%)="" melting="" range(oc)="" bipb="" 96="" white="" or="" yellowish="" crystal="" ≥="" 96="" n/a="" 40-50="" bipb="" 40a="" white="" granule="" 39-41="" caco3(54-56)="" n/a="" sio2(4-6)="" bipb="" 40b="" white="" powder="" 39-41="" caco3(54-56)="" n/a="" sio2(4-6)="" bipb="" 40c="" white="" powder="" 39-41="" sio2(59-61)="" n/a="" bipb="" 40d="" white="" powder="" 39-41="" clay(59-61)="" n/a="">
Uses : FARIDA BIPB is a widely used curing agent for plastics and rubbers, such as CPE, EPDM, EVA, silicone rubber, NBR and fluorubber. Compared with DCP, BIPB is more efficient at less dosage and much lower odor in the processing and final products. In the case
Synonyms : alpha,alpha-Bis-(tert-butylperoxy)-1,3-diisopropylbenzene;Di(tert-Butylperoxy Isopropyl)Benzene;1,4-bis[2-(tert-butylperoxy)propan-2-yl]benzene;1,3-bis[3-(tert-butylperoxy)propyl]benzene;1,2-bis[2-(tert-butylperoxy)propan-2-yl]benzene;Bis(Tert-Butyldioxyisopropyl)Benzene;
Molecular Structure : Bis(t-butylperoxy isopropy)benzene 25155-25-3

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